Saturday, April 15, 2017

Obese woman loses heavy pounds and her HUSBAND during weight loss journey, he insisted on sleeping with her just days after surgery and...

An obese woman has returned to My 600lb Life: Where Are They Now? after losing a staggering 423lbs - and her husband - over two years.
Lupa Samano has worked hard with her sensational weight loss journey, which was first documented in the TLC reality series last year.
She couldn't get out of bed for 12 years due to her huge frame, and after surgery she
dropped 300lbs - although she wasn't done there, as she continued her efforts for another year and even lost her husband.
Lupe lost 32lbs due to skin removal surgery, and a further 130lbs on top of that, although there were health problems. A bad hip stalled her exercise efforts, and her husband Gilbert became unfaithful as he flirted with other women online.
She also claimed that he insisted they had sex days after she returned home from skin removal surgery - leading to her having to go back to hospital. However, her weight loss brought more confidence and Lupe went on to leave her man after 10 years together. By the end of the two years, she made it down to 219lbs, but is still motivated to go further.
She also revealed she wants surgery to repair her hip, and Dr Younan Nowzaradan suggested it could happen in the next few months. 

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