Wednesday, April 12, 2017

New Bride dumped during honeymoon after Groom saw her real face without makeup

The lady pictured above has been divorced by her recently wedded husband. He dumped her during their honeymoon just a few days after their wedding, when he saw her without make up for the first time.
Reports say the groom had taken his 35 year old bride to Richards Bay for their honeymoon, but the outing
turned tragic when her face became wet and her makeup washed away during a swimming session.

The 40 year old groom, Molapo, who could hardly recognize his wife immediately got angry, stormed out and filed for a divorce.

"I have never seen her like that, i was shocked. She has been deceiving me all along with her cosmetics and fake eyelashes. If she can deceive me like this, who knows what more she can do in years to come during our marriage."

The couple met on Facebook and had been engaged for three months before their wedding.

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