Saturday, April 08, 2017

Mel B’s Makeup Artist Says He Covered Up Her Injuries for Years, Stephen Belafonte Threatened Him to Stay Silent

I never for once thought a Superstar like Mel B could go through all that suffering in marriage. I actually did weep for her when I read her divorce story and saw all those pics with injuries. Never knew Oyibo women of her status could endure domestic violence for as long as 10 years. I'm still in shock and looking at her soon to be ex-husband with pain.
Read below:
Stephen Belafonte denies ever abusing Mel Bbut the evidence is stacking up against him.
Mel B’s longtime makeup artist says he’s been keeping on Mel B’s secret for years. She confided in him early on that Stephen Belafonte was responsible for many of the injuries he covered with makeup.
According to TMZ, the makeup artist has contacted Mel B’s lawyers and offered to write a sworn declaration detailing what he’s seen and heard over many years.
He says he frequently had to cover up Mel B’s facial and body bruises. He says she would confide
in him but lie to others on set about the injuries. And, he says, Belafonte knew Mel B talked to the makeup artist, and he says he was threatened numerous times.The makeup artist says Belafonte would withhold money from him unless he followed orders … don’t say a word about the injuries.

The makeup artist also says he heard Belafonte being “aggressive and verbally abusive” to Mel B and the children, sometimes calling his wife “disgusting and ugly.”
He also says Belafonte was extremely controlling, ordering security to keep tabs on Mel B “beyond a level of safety.”
It’s never too late to seek help and get out of a bad situation. If you believe you’re in an abusive or unhealthy relationship,

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