'Just found out My wife has a penis' cries devastated man who discovered wife's true status on their wedding night

Should newly wed manage till death do them part or just leave? What do you think?

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Read story as shared by Relationship expert Joro Olumofin: Newly wed man and bride dated for one year before marriage, during this courtship period, she insisted on 'No sex before marriage' He trusted and waited along only to see an erect rod staring at him on their wedding night with pretty faced wifey sobbing that she kept the secret because...
Read the rest of his story below:

Ok, so, Most people believe in and hold strongly their marriage vows, saying death and infidelity alone should be the reason for divorce. Recently, with the prevalent cases of domestic violence, that too has been added to the list. This Newly wed is in tears, shocked, devastated and confused, doesn't
even know what is the right step to take in this situation. Should he manage it like that or just leave?


  1. The transgender is so mean! Ahy take the guy thru all d process! Definitely no man will want she/he for a wife and no person will be happy! No remedy than to quit d marriage! Based on lies and deceit.


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