In a relationship with an Urhobo man who is into traditional worship

I would wish my post to be anonymous and would love to get responses concerning this issue that has been bothering me for sometime.

I have been in a relationship with an Urhobo man for three years and was invited to his family house as at last year, only to realize on my own that they are still into traditional worship.

He made me understand that marrying him would not force me into the religion but that I
should not try changing him(converting him to Christianity) , because he doesn't want anything that will scatter his family. 

Note, he is the only child of his mother, and the second son because his father is married to two wives, though they live apart each other.

Getting to know this has been giving me concern and I still can't understand why he feels that it won't be possible for him to be a christian, even if it means being a church goer.

Please, I would love to get individuals comments . Not to forget, am from the Eastern part of Nigeria.


  1. Thou shalt not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. Madam end that relationship. There is nothing to be confused about! How will you raise your kids. If you call yourself a christian you wont even think twice

  2. Are you a Christian? The rule is there for you. Be not be brutally yoked with an unbeliever.
    Also your children will also be involved in their practices. In short, Must it be him?

  3. Anonymous4/08/2017

    Chinny Nwachukwu My sister, i won't advice that you enter such marriage o. From your write-up he said he can't convert cause he doesn't want to scatter his family not even bcos he doesn't want to be a christian. My dear this is just a sign that whatever decision you both are going to make in that family must first be sanctioned by his pple, including raising your kids. And besides as a christian i would rather you not be unevenly yoked with him. Again hope you won't get mad when you come home to see sacrifices/fetish items in your house or seeing him chanting to spirits. Pls be careful. Remember love alone cannot make a marriage stand. Some other factors are necessary and issue of faith/belief is one of them. Do not forget that he is likely to take more wives after you which is permissible for him as a traditionalist. Stay blessed
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    Tasha Joseph-Alari
    Tasha Joseph-Alari Be thankful that God is so kind to you to open ur eyes to see this before getting hitched for life because this my dear is his reality. They have dedicated themselves to the worship of idols for life & it won't change.

    Don't get it twisted dear, love & marriage can't change this mindset, move on otherwise live with it & never complain about it for the rest of lives together.
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    Joy Agbons Obamwonyi

    Joy Agbons Obamwonyi My sister just thank God that u have seen for urself, a traditionalist and he is even telling u that u cannot change him, don't mk him change u to what u don't want becos of love that would be bad.
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    ThecountessLamide Taiwo

    ThecountessLamide Taiwo Hmmm! Babe! Run for your dear life ooo. It is not worth it.
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    Juliana Adeyemi
    Juliana Adeyemi You better run for your dear life ,love ko love niii
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    Bella Da Vincci Makeovers
    Bella Da Vincci Makeovers Ah ah... You don't need any advice for this thing is very simple. Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. If you do, then be rest assured that you have disobeyed the word and and warning of God and if anything goes wrong in that marriage(which will definitely go wrong because of idolatry), you will fight alone, God might not fight your battles for you.
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    Oyewole Wuraola
    Oyewole Wuraola I beg, run for your life
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    Blessing Francis Umeojiaku
    Blessing Francis Umeojiaku A woman is meant to follow her man. Don't even start what you can't finish. The man is very honest in that he has told you his plans. It's not in your power to convert anybody to Christianity.
    Ladies should know that religion is an important part of marriage, what happens to the kids? It's not just about you two alone.

  4. so you mean to tell me that in all the while you dated him before meeting his family, you didnt question his spirituality or religion. You went ahead like a blind bat huh? Not even once did you ask him to pray befor meal or morning prayers. Nne i am angry because i am also from the east. Iwu ewu nne. On what foundation did you intend to build your union afterall? Did he jazz you?

    Anyways dear, Kindly walk away peacefully.


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