Friday, April 14, 2017

Big Brother Naija: Debie-Rise finally explains her controversial ‘kiss’ with a sleeping Bassey, explains her relationship with him

Image result for debbie-rise kisses sleeping basseyDebie Rise speaks on her relationship with Bassey

video of Debie-Rise kissing Bassey while he slept surfaced online, with many Nigerians calling for the disqualification of the housemate since Kemen was disqualified for touching Tboss without her consent. Well, she wasn't disqualified and The video kicked off a conversation with some viewers demanding to know why the housemate didn’t also get disqualified. 
Now out of the house, Debie-Rise has explained her controversial kiss with Bassey while he slept.In an interview with Pulse Nigeria, Debie-Rise spoke about the controversial night and the supposed kiss.
“That night, we actually had a quarrel. I can’t even
remember what it was about,” Debie-Rise said.
“I don’t actually know how to hold an argument, even when I had something with TBoss and Bisola, I would go and meet them and say, ‘I’m sorry, let’s just trash this thing.’
“I can’t even live with someone and then there’s this grudge that I’m keeping. I don’t know how to do that. I just can’t.”
“So, after the quarrel, he just went to sleep. So, that was me trying to clear – and he wasn’t actually asleep.
Bassey doesn’t sleep on time. And it was a peck.”
Debie-Rise and Bassey had an interesting friendship during their stay in the Big Brother Naija house.  These are some of the tweets asking for her head then...

Image result for debbie-rise kisses sleeping bassey
Image result for debbie-rise kisses sleeping bassey

In another interview, below is what Bassey said about their relationship...

Debie Rise and I got into the Big Brother Naija house in the second week and automatically we connected so that was the first kick starter in our relationship. As we went on, I discovered that she is a very nice person and she is also very creative. We connected in more ways than one and I just decided that we should just be friends and we should not be pressured by the small space we are living in to become too emotional. We understood these temptations and we decided to keep it at friendship level. This doesn’t mean we would not connect outside the house, we will but people should expect something from us geared towards making money and becoming better friends... That time when people felt she kissed me without my consent, that’s not what happened. I wasn’t asleep and she had my permission for the kiss.  

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