Woman lost nearly all the blood in her body while birthing her baby, yet survives


Did you know that severe bleeding during labour can stop breast milk from flowing after baby is born? more recent sources state that the volume of blood in an average adult is 4.7 liters. For this new mum to lose 4 litres of blood in the labour room and still survive is a miracle. Read her story below...

A woman lost nearly all the blood in her body - but miraculously survived. 

Heather Armstrong, 24, began haemorrhaging huge amounts of blood shortly after giving birth to daughter Ava. 

Doctors resorted to removing her placenta manually and found that her uterus was
collapsing - by which point she had already lost two litres of blood. 

She was rushed to theatre for an emergency op where a balloon was inflated and her womb packed to stem the blood. 

In total, she lost four litres of the essential fluid - with the average adult having 4.7 litres to 5.5 litres in total. 

She was given 10 units of blood - four litres - to replace what she'd lost and miraculously survived the near-death experience at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.

Heather, of Whitleigh, Plymouth, has since returned home to baby Ava, now three months, and partner Kieron. 

She said: "I haemorrhaged pretty bad, losing almost four litres of blood - which is the around the amount in your whole body. 

"I was on the high dependency unit for five days as my iron levels were not staying high enough and I was at risk of cardiac arrest. 

"Kieron looked after the baby - I didn't get a chance to care for her - the midwives and nurses were great with Ava. 

"I was given 10 units of blood, which equated to four litres." 

Heather said she has only just got back to feeling herself after a long and painful recovery. 

The mum-of-two has been in and out of hospital since for iron transfusions and blood tests. 

She says she has only just got back to feeling herself after a long and painful recovery after Ava was born - initially without any complications - on December 12.