mistress ‘kills her married lover, his wife and drowns two of their daughters in the bath before setting the house ablaze to cover-up

Ruzanna Shvarts admitted to murdering her lover, his wife and two of their three daughters, police said

Ruzanna Shvarts, 25, stabbed to death Russian economist Vladislav Saaya and his wife Lilia, both 35, according to her confession. She drowned girls Darimaa, six, and Aisel, four, in their bath.
She is accused of setting ablaze the family flat in Ak-Dovurak, Russia to try to cover-up the murders.
Police are investigating whether Shvarts’ 19 year old sister Melina was also involved after being implicated by her sibling. The dead couple’s eldest child, daughter Aiza, 12, was not home at the time and has been orphaned by the tragedy.
A police source cited by The Siberian Times said: “Ruzanna was Vladislav’s lover, and she

came to visit him with her sister.
“They drank alcohol.
“Suddenly Vladislav’s wife Lilia came back home with the children. “She started to argue with Ruzanna and this turned into a fight.
“Melina insists that at this moment she left the flat.
“And when she came back, it turned that her sister had stabbed Vladislav and Lilia and killed their kids.”
Lilia, 35, was stabbed to death along with her husband
Lilia, 35 was stabbed to death along with her husband.
A local woman said that the mistress was “a beautiful girl, very bright” from a “good” family, and that she had a three year old son. It is not known if the man she is accused of killing was the child’s father.
The local governor Sholban Kara-ool expressed horror over the murders, and called for children to be protected from “adult madness”.
Ordering a day of mourning he said: “I have a lump in my throat.
“All Tuva mourns these innocent children.”
Two of the couple’s three children were murdered
Two of these three kids were drowned in the bath tub as the eldest child wasn't as home.
May the mum and poor kids rest in peace!