Monday, March 20, 2017

Kitchen appliances that save your time


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Coffee in bed

Since the twentieth century inventors and designers fantasize over how to make it possible that you could wake up from the smell of tea made by a machine. British designer Josh Renouf transferred this idea on making coffee by combining coffee machine and alarm clock in one aesthetically beautiful gadget.

A few minutes before the alarm clock rings, the device turns on the induction cook top, which heats the flask with water and steel balls. Water rushes on the tube from the bulb to the cone with coffee, and then the drink pours into your cup. Smart machine can even add some creamer or sugar to your coffee.
Miraculous refrigerator
The Italian company SMEG updated the line of four-door refrigerators with two models in black (FQ60NPE model) and white (FQ60BPE model) colors that will fit in any modern kitchen.


The advantage of these models is to protect from frost formation, so you don’t have to defrost your refrigerator, and the external LCD display on which you can program the zones of "fast freeze” and" fast cooling ".
You can set on the screen the temperature in the "multi-zone", which is a large part of the fridge and that can function as a freezer or refrigerator compartment. In addition, embedded programs allow for locking the refrigerator.
Vitamin bomb
Technological innovations often compete with each other in speed and power. We allow ourselves to tell about absolutely opposite example, which due to its "slowness" works better.

The speed of conventional juicer reaches 1650 rpm, which makes fresh juice oxidized and deprives it of a part of nutrients and enzymes. Omega juicer works on the reverse principle: fewer revolutions per minute, less oxidation of juice, but more vitamins and nutrients.
It actually processes the fruit at a speed of 80 revolutions per minute. You can switch on a juicer and do other things, but the juice can be stored up to three days. Its taste won’t worsen and there won’t be less vitamins, while usual fresh juices should be drunk immediately after preparation.

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