Thursday, March 16, 2017

How to cook moi moi in tea mugs

Moi moi cooked in mugs.

If you are one of those who throw away tea mugs whenever an accident breaks their handles, STOP. There is good use for them in that kitchen. With the health implications of making moi moi in plastic containers and cellophane bags, Nigerians are coming up with better, healthier ways of cooking, getting same great flavour and nutrients without loading on cancer and other diseases.
This moi moi cooked in tea mugs is absolutely delicious, cooked through and tastes even better. Aside tea mugs, other ceramic containers can be used to make moi moi. Even in the microwave, we know that heating food with ceramic is way better than heating in plastic plates. We cooked moi moi with cellophane bags before, also cooked in plastic cups but in all I'll say with recent researches and 21st century discoveries, it's best to do the cooking in stainless steel cups ( not aluminium) or ceramic. 

With the presence of blenders, food processors and even graters in the Nigerian kitchen, washing and skinning beans has become very very easy and fast. 


2 cups beans
5 large tatashey (Red bell peppers)
1 large onion
2 seasoning cubes
Salt to taste
1 teaspoon pepper you can add more
Water, just enough to get the consistency a bit thicker than pancake batter

Before you cook moi moi, wash and blend or mill the beans together with the onion, tatashey and pepper, if you are adding hard boiled eggs, boil and set aside, if you are adding fish, salt and fry and set aside. Wash the mugs too then proceed with mixing.


  1. Add all the ingredients like your fried fish or beef to blended beans, stir very well and check for salt
  2. Add water to a light but not watery consistency, check again for salt. Please be careful and never ever cook salty moi moi cos it cannot be remedied.
  3. Scoop into mugs already placed in a pot with water just at the middle of the mugs or a bit lower. After scooping into all the mugs, place pot on the stove and leave for about 10 minutes before checking for doneness. For the water in the pot, occasionally open and see that it's not getting dry, if it is, adjust with a little more water and cover to cook.

Washing beans.


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  2. Can I use gas pls.. don't have stove