#FakeLife: Twitter Nigeria still buzzing about Oge Okoye and the beautiful puppies she stole

Oge Okoye took screenshots of Kenya Morre's beautiful dogs and posted on her page claiming she just got the puppies and even went ahead to organize their naming ceremony. Well, as you know, she got busted and now Nigerians feel like Oge has disgraced the whole of Nigeria and Africa.  
The Nollywood actress was called out by the fan page of American actress Kenya Moore for stealing the photos of Moore’s dogs and reposting on Instagram as hers.

“Yiipeeee! My new babies just arrived. #Rob #Rosy,” Okoye shared on her Instagram, but she was immediately called out by the Kenya Moore fan page for fraud, just like Yvonne Nelson did the fan who stole her photo. 

“Some lady in Africa took a screen shot of king and twirl from Kenya’s page and she’s claiming them as hers. Peep Kenya’s Range Rover logo on the floor mat 😩💀 This lady is an actual verified user too 😂REPORT! #FRAUDULENT,” the fan page captioned the screenshot of the original post side by side the stolen one. 

And Oge Okoye immediately deleted the post.

This has earned Oge Okoye the angst of many fans. “Aunty, take it easy with this force fake life you are living. You have disgraced the whole of Nigeria (sic),” an irritated fan said. And the reactions are pouring in. See them as you continue:

Even Oge Okoye's Wikipedia page has been tampered with, see below:
Oh my!