Thin Tall Tony The Traitor? This is how I feel as a woman and wife #BBNaija

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Thinking about other Seasons of Big Brother. I remember vividly, that Big Brother Africa Season that shook the whole of Africa. "The Richiana" Season. We couldn't stop watching because everyone was anticipating, waiting to be the first to catch that moment when Richard and Tatiana would kiss on live TV. The day Richard won a task and chose Tatiana as the housemate to spend the night with at the Pent house, emotions raged high, Africa stayed awake the whole night to see if they'd be strong enough to resist the temptation and they did. The final day came, Who won all that money? Richard did.
 Africa fell in love with Richard and tatiana until the last day when Richard's wife appeared on stage dancing, celebrating her husband's win, walking majestically to take her darling husband home with their money. 

Thin Tall Tony is a strong contestant just like Richard. However, NOT as strong  because Tatiana knew that Richard was married, he told her about his family back home. Knowing his marital status actually helped her restrain herself from all that. Even though on the first day they clicked while discussing in the garden, he had bared his mind to a very understanding Tatiana and actually confessed to her that no one ever listened to him the way Tatiana did.  Moving forward, he let all the housemates know that he is a married man and that helped Tatiana to be strong and not fall too deep. Honestly people, Richard wore his wedding band while at Big Brother's house. He never took off his ring!

For our own Naija Thin Tall Tony in Big Brother Naija house, he just continues to drag the Intelligent Bisola along with lies. Honestly, having watched Bisola this past four weeks, she is very smart and nothing would have made her suck a married man's HOTDOG on National TV unless on a movie set. She is falling for Tony, perhaps hoping that the feeling is mutual, maybe, looking forward to a relationship outside the house, unaware that she is hurting herself, her votes, Tony's family and the whole of Africa. I pray Thin Tall Tony doesn't drag her out of The Big Brother House because she is doing great aside that relationship with him.

Oh, yes! We know his wife permitted him to go play for 25 Million Naira. We do not know if
she asked him to deny her and their two kids before the whole of Africa. My guess is she didn't. What is he thinking? How dare you Tony? Money is not everything! You could lose your family for a mere 25 Million NAIRA considering the exchange rate today. How do you feel in that house leading a young intelligent lady along? hurting her game and sleeping well at night? What  game strategy denies family?  

What about Tayo Faniran? He talked about his pregnant girlfriend with housemates. The day he got news from big brother that he has a baby boy, he couldn't contain the joy, quickly shared the good news with housemates and named his baby while at Big Brother house. We all watched him naming his boy on National TV and did that prevent him from being strong in the house and even after Big Brother?

Tony! Do you know that things won't remind the same between you and wifey if you leave that house empty handed? Better ensure that you win the money at least as consolation to your family. Imagine what you are doing to Bisola. Your mum already refers to her as 'counterfeit' and who would blame her? It's you that caused it. If your plan is to reveal your true status after the show then sorry oga, that Lady you are leading on is not a robot neither can she control her feelings with a remote control. Why are you so mean Tony? 

Yes it's a game but you didn't lie about your Name, Gender, State of Origin etc, so, why lie about family. Every other thing you say in there is the truth, why sort out your beautiful family to lie about? You mean you won't mention your family, boast about them or send shout outs to them?

Don't you for once think that Bisola has fans and family too? That it's not only about you? I feel really sorry for her that she told you everything about herself, letting you know that she is a single mum, confessed that her regret in life is having her .... for the person she had her for.   She came clean with you even though she is also in the race for that money. She opened up to you and you think that her fans, family and other women out there will let you treat her that way and go scot free? 
 Whatever you do in life, never deny your family, never embarrass your wife publicly. Remember Abraham? he denied his pretty wife Sarah because of fear of death and what happened at night? God didn't rest, the king didn't rest, Abraham himself wasn't spared God's anger for calling his wife his sister. Not to talk of you saying "By the grace of God" you are single... How? Where is your ring Mr Thin Tall Tony?

I pray and hope the voting public realizes that Bisola doesn't know Thin Tall Tony is married. 
Oga Thin Tall, warn yourself and adjust now o. Start confessing to housemates and Bisola especially, before it's too late.

Chai! The love of money eh? na real wa!
Thanks for letting family and fans down. Continue, you hear. if your aim is to lie and then come out and start apologizing left right and centre on Instagram, then sorry. Better win that money else you dey inside hot pepper soup already.