The best way to prevent teen pregnancy is to educate them on the use of condoms.Telling the youth to abstain is a failed strategy, as they will have it anyway - Church Leader argued

A counselor and elder of the church of Pentecost, New Achimota District in Ghana, Mr Nii Armah Hammond, has admonished stakeholders to allow teenagers who can’t control their libido to be allowed to practice safe s*x.

The respectable church leader, was speaking on Ahotor fm during a program aimed at educating the youth.

Hammond believes that the best means of preventing teenage pregnancy and its associated complications is through protected s*x. As he puts it, the stigma associated with teenage pregnancy affect the family concern long after the act and in most cases making the products of such pregnancy liabilities for the nation.

Telling the youth to abstain is a failed strategy, as they will have it anyway, he argued, so the best way to prevent teen pregnancy is to educate them on the use of condoms.

*Hmmm, do you agree? 
For me, I can't imagine myself teaching my child how to practice safe sex or how to wear a condom. I know I taught the girls how to wear sanitary pads, demonstrated with underpants and some pads, also taught how to properly dispose used pads. I did that happily and

comfortably however, teaching safe sex is different. How do I position my mouth to tell my daughter that she is old enough to go sleep with a man and should wear a condom this way or that? OR, that she should insist the man wears condom before sex. Ehn?

In the first place, I do not want my child to have sex outside of marriage and pray it stays that way. If I could, w'd love to prevent them from teenage relationships and heartbreaks. Fornication is not right, my Faith is against it and that helps because even condoms are not 100% safe. The Internet is already doing so much work exposing too much and these kids just bump into eyesores they aren't prepared for the way I bumped into Twitter porn and got the shock of my life to think that I suggested that my eldest daughter Signs up for Twitter. Thankfully she says it's boring that she prefers Instagram. So, I'm thinking... "The kind of bow job and whatever I bumped into, what if that was my child? God forbid abeg".

Teaching teens abstinence will help control a lot of things and teach them how to lead responsible lives. At this age, they have all those feelings and urges, so, Self Control should be the next lesson. Teaching teens safe sex/condom use is like giving them the go ahead to go get themselves oversexed, loose and slack even before they meet their husbands. Get the boys addicted and overused too before marriage.
What do you think?