Pregnant woman live streaming birth on Facebook 'arrives at hospital to find there's no bed for her'

Ysis Lorenna plans to live stream herself giving birth to her daughter
Pregnant mum who wanted the world to watch her LIVE giving birth to her baby daughter, arrives hospital and is told by Doctors and midwives that there is no bed available and that they do not have enough midwives to care for everybody. Read her story below...

A mum-to-be live streaming giving birth claims she arrived at hospital only to be told there were no beds available.
Ysis Lorenna, a well-known blogger with 30,000 Facebook followers, arrived at the facility near her home in Wales to be induced.
But she says she was then told by the doctors and midwives "that they don't have enough beds and midwives to care for everybody".
Ysis, who runs the Facebook page Channel Mum, is pregnant with her second child and already has a one-year-old son named James.
She says she eventually managed to secure a bed and is now waiting to give birth to a girl, with her contractions "coming fast".
Earlier today, she updated her Facebook fans, saying: "I still have a bump!"
She added: "It's the most frustrating thing ever. Previously, it was so straightforward."
In reference to the alleged lack of beds, one commenter on Ysis's live video said: “Stand up for yourself though, kick up a fuss!” Ysis started live streaming the experience at home, having decided to induce her labour at 37 weeks because there was a risk her daughter would develop problems due to growth difficulties. While the doctor at the hospital told her the baby remained stable, Ysis still had her own concerns, as she had developed pre-eclampsia during her first pregnancy.
Ysis' situation is chiming with her audience of mothers, and she says the online support she has received has helped her state of mind:
She said in a video update: “I was really nervous about doing this Facebook live labour update but it's really, really reassuring actually to see all your comments coming through." In another earlier update, Ysis, who is Brazilian and has a Welsh husband, revealed she was having tea and toast as she waited to be induced.
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