I need your help and the readers. I wrote to you last year how my husband slept with two sisters for seven years We have been married for eight out of it he has spent seven sleeping around until that faithful day He was embarrassed by the first one he started sleeping with first . he confessed to the crime and I forgave him not to do it again . 

Now, He told me he was going on an official trip, upon his return

I sneak into his phone just to get another shock of my life . He slept with another lady in the hotel While on that trip. When I confronted him even with prove he is still lying and making me think I am the fool . I am sure I will be leaving, I don't have a job or money but please pray for me that God will show me mercy and favor as I go out of this marriage.


  1. Hi poster, when I published your mail last year, advise was given on that post. Did you read them?
    Click on the link I added above to read it again.
    OR you follow here: http://www.wivestownhallconnection.com/2016/07/my-husband-slept-with-two-sisters-i.html

  2. Chichi2/10/2017

    The truth about life is either a man is going after a woman or a woman is going after a man. U can, t stop it. U are crying on d ones u know d ones u Don, t know nko. My sister pretend not to know or see so that u will enjoy ur life on earth. Nobody is a saint. The man u think is a saint might be d worst smart cheater. Manage ur marriage crisis no matter how bad u think it is. God can still turn things around 4 ur good.

  3. Chichi2/10/2017

    My dear is not easy 2 be honest, but my sincere advice quitting ur marriage is not d best option. Be prayerful, get a life keep yourself happy as much as u can. Get busy with something either skills or manual work. Try n ignore his recent life style behave as if it dosen, t exist. Keep talking 2 God he will surely come to ur aid. Note if u want a peaceful marriage stay away from ur hubbies phone so that u will live long. Noting kills a woman faster than bitterness of mind. Is well with u.

  4. Anonymous2/11/2017

    Smh. Sorry what I'm about to say is a bit harsh. Your husband consistently cheating on you means he has zero respect for you. He is behaving like that because he knows you are not going anywhere. Why will you be jobless and not have a penny to your name as a woman in this day and age. Now you are staying because you have to not because you want to. Normally I would have adviced you to leave but where will you go. Better go and find a job and be financially dependent so that man knows you have options.

    1. Anonymous2/18/2017

      Hmmm, am thereafter leave the man and remarried to another and u find the new man doing the same, will u still leave the second person?. What contributions and how do u contributes to your marriage.
      Pls watch the advises we give out. Am sure if we were in her shoes, we won't quit. My ex wife was advise on this platform to quit her homeboys of certain misbehavior from me, I have been counseled and am a change person by another woman who I 'll be getting married to soon by God's grace. U can check k the link to know the story surrounding my family then http://www.wivestownhallconnection.com/2015/11/my-husbands-irresponsible-behavior-has.html?m=1


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