Couple gets divorced after HIV positive wife insists on sex without condom

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Justice Everyman Eleanya, of Jikwoyi Customary Court in Abuja, dissolved the marriage between Joseph Danjuma, a farmer, and his HIV positive wife yesterday.

The Judge ordered Joseph's ex-wife's family to 
return the bride price paid, as everything the court did to reconcile the couple failed.

Testifying in court, Joseph said he still loves his wife, despite her HIV status.

“My wife got pregnant and put to bed in 2012; the child got terribly ill and died.

“Due to the ailment and death of the child, I insisted that
my wife be tested of HIV, which the doctor did and she tested positive.

“Because I still loved my wife, we used condom as a means of protection during sexual intercourse. But as time went on, she refused me using condom on her, and insisted on intercourse without condom."

Joseph's wife, who never countered the testimony of her HIV status, agreed willingly to the divorce, saying she was tired.

*Why would a wife consciously want to get her husband infected with HIV?*