250kg woman rescued after she got stuck seated in her chair for 7 months surrounded in her own body fluids

THE smell of human excrement reached the sidewalk after a 250kg woman was rescued from a chair she had been moulded to for the past seven months.
Emergency response crews in hazmat suits were called to an Ohio home where they found Barbara Foster, 75, stuck in her living room chair surrounded in her own faeces and urine.
According to Fox News, a report from the Lucas County Sheriff’s Office said the woman’s skin had moulded to the chair and her body had become very weak.
“I was also advised that Barbara was so physically weak that bones in her body were

breaking when EMS was attempting to carry her out of the house,” the report read.
After she was removed, emergency services declared the home unfit for habitation because of the human waste found around the chair Ms Foster was stuck.
Emergency services were called to the property by a member of a local church who regularly delivered food to her property.
The church volunteer told investigators he had delivered food to her home for the past 10 years and was used to the smell, but called 911 earlier because Ms. Foster was “not acting herself”.
According to county auditor records, Ms Foster had become $1400 behind her property taxes, with her first missed payment coming around the same time she became stuck to the chair.
Ms Foster is now recovering at the University of Toledo Medical Center and detectives are now reviewing the case for any potential crime.