Woman shares a photo of what it looks like after losing both her breast to cancer

She is indeed a very courageous woman and this should serve as a form of encouragement to other women who hide in shame and begin to have insecurities because of just little blemishes or tiny accident scars on their skin. See her smile like she just doesn't care and that is exactly how to defeat cancer. This is the spirit of a survivor!

Cancer as we all know, is a disease of the body, mind and spirit and can only be defeated with this kind of attitude. If she didn't let this here bring down her spirit then she'll let nothing

and no one make her unhappy in life. Some other woman, even after the miraculous recovery and defeat of a deadly disease like cancer will still be worried about the shape of chest and new look, but, not this beautiful woman who still wants to enjoy her long life in full.
Don't you just love her spirit?