Melania Trump Doesn't Seem Happy at all. What wife will?

A husband and his wife are attending a very important event like his inauguration. They sit together in the car and arrive the venue. Trust women to be careful with heels, 'careful with makeup and all' by the time she alights the vehicle, hubby is already far ahead climbing the stairs without even looking back to see if wifey is fine. What husband does that? Couldn't Mr Trump even wait a few seconds by the car door and hold his wife's hand even if for appearances knowing that the whole world is watching this spectacular moment. This shows clearly that he doesn't value his wife. He doesn't care about her feelings, he seems to me like the kind of husband that can embarrass his wife in public without caring. 

In a world like theirs where PDA is a necessity, these little gestures mean a whole lot and helps to strengthen marriages. Holding her hand up the stair case is important at least considering she is wearing heels. For this particular

action alone, "Donald Trump is not a gentleman" 

Melania arrives at her seat looking disappointed and unhappy, which woman will not feel sad beong humiliated infront of the wole wide world on your special day. Could it be true that these  couple are just keeping up appearances as Mrs Melania isn't happy in her marriage to a husband like Trump? Look carefully at these photos, if on a special day like THIS, wifey is sad, when and where then will he provide her true happiness. I am forced to agree that her smiles on stage are fake.

As a wife and woman, I genuinely feel sad for Melania. Little wonder she is not enthusiastic about  moving into The White house immediately.


  1. Anonymous1/23/2017

    I don't think she's not where she wants to be.A weak woman needing rescue will not be in Donald trumps house.She is not as weak as people think,if she was,ivanka would have sent her away since.ronke


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