Saturday, January 07, 2017

Frank Ocean’s Mom Begs Him to Drop Pastor/Singer Kim Burrell from Album

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The firestorm of controversy surrounding Kim Burrell continues. After the 44-year-old pastor refused to apologize for calling homosexuals perverts, Ellen Degeneres dropped the gospel singer from her show on January 5th.
And now the mother of openly gay singer Frank OceanKatonya Breaux, asked her son

to drop Burrell from his album, Blonde.
"GQ — Ocean’s mother, Katonya Breaux, has had a vocal role on both of her son’s albums, first on Channel Orange when she explained to a high school–age Ocean that money represented a home, happiness, and his ability to go to prom or not, and on Blonde when she warned a college-age Ocean of the dangers that come with peer pressure–induced drug use. So it’s no shock that Breaux defended her son against Burrell by taking to Twitter, where she wondered if it were possible to remove Burrell from Ocean’s song “Godspeed.”

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