Photo shows mum breastfeeding her 2-year-old daughter in the delivery room, while in LABOUR with her unborn child

Image result for Touching photo shows mom breastfeeding her 2-year-old daughter while in LABOUR with her second child

Na wa! Mothers are the real super powers! The lovely mother was in labour pushing for her baby but paused to breastfeed her 2 year old between contractions. Did you know that breastfeeding or rubbing the nipples at this time could speed the process of labour?
The tender moment when the 2-year-old was brought to visit her mum was captured on camera creating a touching lasting memory.
As her mum was in between contractions the little girl asked her mother if she could nurse and the doting parent obliged despite being in the middle of giving birth to her second child.
Birthing photographer Maegan Dougherty was on hand on the day and caught the snap.
She described the scene to a reporter in an interview for the Mail Online.
She explained that the little girl’s grandma brought her to the hospital to see her mum while

she was in labour.
Maegan who works in the New Jersey and New York city areas continued to explain that the mother knew her daughter wanted to breastfeed and she also knew that it could help with the process of the labour.