Saturday, December 24, 2016

My roommate's boyfriend finds it hard to trust after she cheated on him, should she end this relationship or wait for his trust to return?

Honestly I'm happy to be in the wives connection family, may God bless
everyone that has contributed in one way or the other to this blog
especially you aunt Eya. I'm seeking advice for a good friend of mine,
she and her boyfriend had issues when he found out she cheated on him
but after everything he forgave her and they are together again. The
problem now is my friend's boyfriend still believes that she still
communicates with the other guy but i swear that's not true because my
girlfriend and i live together and we're very close like sisters, i
know what she is capable of. 

Truly after she cheated, she turned a new
leaf in a way that even surprised me. She changed all her sim cards,
even her Facebook account just to prove to her boyfriend that she will
never do anything to hurt him again. Its true the trust he has for her
has diminished and it's truly hurting her. Some days ago she told me
she is scared he will never truly forgive her and forget what happened
 even after they get married( they actually plan on getting married
soon) ,she wants to know if she should end the relationship since she
already broke the trust or if she should just wait till her boyfriend
truly forgives her( she isn't convinced that will ever happen). She
also said sometimes she feels she doesn't deserve him because of what
she did, truly i don't know what to tell her that's why I'm asking for


  1. Good morning . I don't know if men can truly forgive cheating o. He will never forget that and it might come up from time to time. There will be flashbacks and maybe mentions too in future. If she has done all that and he still cannot trust that she ended things with the other man, what makes her think that with more time he'll get to forget ad trust. She may have destroyed that relationship. He might leave her later if those thoughts of betrayal refuse to die.

    Please let your friend know that if with all that she has done to convince him, he still cannot trust then...

  2. Your friend wants to breakup the relationship before he does... Girls will call that being smart! The only way u can eat your cake and have it is by accepting Christ finish work on the cross. Even though they planned getting married, the foundation already has cracks and it cannot be mended through self-help.
    True repentance and forgiveness comes only through Jesus, whose birthday we celebrate today.

  3. He will never forgive and forget and will punish her in marriage she better not try it. She needs to count her losses and drop that guy. Men never forget. But the choice is hers.