Meet The 104-Year-Old Indian Woman Who Sold Her Goats to Construct a Toilet that inspired others to start building toilets (Video)

Dhamtari district of Chhattisgarh is home to 104-year-old Kunwarbai Yadav who is known by many as the lady who sold her goats to construct a toilet near her house, and became a role model for the entire village.
It was during a public meeting in the village when Kunwarbai came to know about the various diseases that can spread due to open defecation. This encouraged her to do something on her own to change the practice. She sold eight goats and constructed the toilet for Rs. 22,000. After this, she also went

from door to door, motivating other villagers to construct toilets in their homes.
“After constructing a toilet in my home I forced other people in the village to do the same. I told them that it is very useful. Now we don’t have to go to the forest for defecation. People came to my house and saw the toilet. They followed us and gradually the whole village had toilets in every house,” she says.
Video below: