Lagos Boy posts a woman's very private parts on social media


Be careful! When you give a man everything like this to keep in his phone, better remain his slave for life oh, the day you hurt him, you never know how bitter the revenge will taste. Those nudes you take today may become your downfall tomorrow. Things may not always be rosy between you two. The tune might change tomorrow and you cannot take back those nudes. See this one, even opening for the boy to grab her intestines. Where is the sense in this? If any
lady thinks that giving a man your nudes will prevent him from cheating on you, SORRY DEAR. The 'highs' from your nudes will soon fade and he will look for fresh ones to obsess on.

Young ladies ...receive brain, receive sense, receive understanding, receive discernment, receive extra perceptive sense, receive God IJN. Amen. Be careful how you give information about your precious organs. I was about to say that this boy deserves an arrest but on a second thought, she gave him the power to do this to her. Anyway, she didn't give him the power to make private content public. He deserves to face the law. She handed over EVERYTHING including the two holes (A "blank check") to him to do as he wishes and the scripture reads   " woe to them that put their trust in man,  


  1. Chai! See someone's daughter. What has the world turned into?


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