Couple who married in 1946 when nobody had a camera to capture their special day finally renew their vows with dream wedding photos after 70 years

Lara Carter Photography 

When Ferris, 90, and Margaret Romaire, 89, from Louisiana, got married in a 15-minute ceremony, nobody had a camera to capture their special day.
Texas-based photographer Lara Carter said she loved taking photos of the adorable couple as they celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.
“I was SO honoured to be able to take this session. I loved every bit of it!!” she explained. “These two are celebrating 70 YEARS of marriage!! What an amazing couple!”
She added that she was “beyond thrilled” after the photos became a hit on

social media, adding: “They are just so sweet!”
One of the couple’s grandchildren, Amanda Kleckley, told ABC Newsthat she wanted the couple to finally have the photos they never got a chance to take on their wedding day.