Recipe: Movie-Theater-style Buttered popcorn in 4 minutes

This pop corn has that moist buttery taste you get only in pop corn served/bought at the movies. Butter adds some moisture, makes it nice and smooth in the mouth and not soggy at all. When you taste vegetable oil pop corn and buttered pop corn, the difference is much. The little dryness you find in pop corn disappears when popped with butter and the kids love this.

In four minutes the pop corn is ready and smiling back at you. If your pop corn turns out soggy, that means you didn't scoop out the foam while melting your butter.  If you like, you can substitute margarine and some oil to get that buttery pop corn without having to scoop out any foam but the final result won't be the exact same thing. The milk fat in butter is what makes popcorn soft, wet and soggy, to get the perfect buttered popcorn, you need to skim out the fat once butter boils and begins to foam. Skim and discard all that foam, then use your clarified yellowish butter to make excellent popcorn. Do not add the corn to the foam in the pot, else you won't have that movie type popcorn everyone loves. I prefer salted butter with pop corn. Turns out a little bit salty and nice.


  1. Melt butter in a fry pan
  2. Skim out the foam when butter boils
  3. pour in your few grains of maize. I used half a cup of maize to get all this popcorn
  4. Cover with a lid. I covered with a bowl so there's enough room when corn begins to pop and jump.
  5. In about 4 minutes, your buttered pop corn is ready.
  6. Enjoy while having your family movie night.
See all the cooking pics below. All that popcorn from half a cup of maize.


  1. Anonymous12/11/2016

    No sugar?

    1. No but you can add if your butter is unsalted.


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