Recipe: How to make Pink Pancakes

Delicious pink pancakes are easy to make, just like every other Nigerian pancake. My kids fell over themselves rushing these pancakes not like the taste is too different. I think the colour attracted them even before the taste.

2 cups all purpose flour
Vegetable oil
Sugar to your taste. I used 2 tablespoonfuls.
Salt just 1/2 a teaspoon
2 teaspoonfuls Nora Jollof spice 
a pinch of thyme (optional)

The pictures below are self explanatory as I uploaded all. From the first picture (below) I added 2
tablespoonfuls sugar to 2 cups sieved flour, added 1/2 a teaspoon salt, added 1 medium sized onion, added the Nora jollof spice and started adding water gradually while stirring. The water quantity depends on how thick you want your pancakes. I like soft light pancakes so, continued adding water and stirring until it turned light and a bit watery. The thyme and eggs came in last. Eggs should always come in last to avoid lumpy batter. I whisked until the batter is well mixed before scooping into a greased fry pan waiting on the stove.  These ingredients produced 5 pancakes. 👌👌👌

Adding ingredients to sieved flour

Adding jollof spice, I used Nora because some jollof spices are not very red

Adding water while whisking

Adding thyme (This is optional but jollof  rice lovers will enjoy it)

Adding raw eggs

Scooping into the greased hot fry pan

Pouring a second spoonful on the first to create layers

My delicious pink pancake is is flipped to let the other side cook before removing from heat

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Enjoy with some very hot beverage or cold water.