How to test for plastic rice

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We are all aware that there's fake rice in the market and that consuming it can be detrimental to health.
Simple test to know if the rice in your kitchen is plastic or food.
Take a spoonful of rice and set it on fire. What happens next will make you tick.

China remains the largest rice producer in the world. The Middle Empire harvests more than 200 million tons of rice a year and a large number is exported all over the world.
However, cooks and consumers must be cautious: not only does this food contain pesticides used in Chinese agriculture, but according to The Korea Times, rice can also be manufactured artificially. The potato starch is mixed with plastic (synthetic resin, for example) and then takes the form of a

grain of rice. The grains are then steamed with a typical rice flavor. Doctors sound the alarm against the consumption of this artificial product: three solid portions apparently contain as much plastic as a small plastic bag. An alarming fact!

With these simple tricks, you can determine whether your rice is natural or stuffed with plastic:

The water test

Pour a tablespoon of raw rice into a glass filled with cold water and mix vigorously. If the rice falls to the bottom of the glass, everything is fine, if on the contrary it floats on the surface, be vigilant, because it surely contains plastic!

The fire test

Using a lighter and a match, burn a handful of rice. If it catches fire and smells of burnt plastic, you know what to do! Do not eat it!

The mortar and pestle test

When molding a few grains of rice with a mortar and pestle, the powder should be quite white. For artificial rice, you will notice a yellow discoloration instead.

The mold test

If you want to be sure that you do not risk anything with your cooked rice, put a small amount into a tupperware and leave it in a warm place. In a few days, mold will have to appear, otherwise it is that your rice is artificial. Made in a Chinese factory.

Rice Image Courtesy: Cultural Health Solutions


  1. I have joined team NIGERIAN RICE O. IT TASTES REALLY GOOD. Please let's eat our own rice.

  2. Anonymous11/16/2016

    Na wah oooo

  3. This is serious. May God continue to protect us from the evil ones.


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