How to roast plantain on a stove top/Roasted planted with pepper sauce Lunch

 Delicious recession lunch of fairly ripe roasted plantain served with spicey pepper sauce. Join me please... I used to buy already made roasted plantain until I discovered my griddle pan can grill/roast anything including plantain. These are roasted on the griddle as shown on the picture below...
Well cooked inside and out. 

How to roast/ Grill plantain on a griddle pan:
  1. Peel plantain, sear with a knife and rub a lil salt on it.
  2. Place on the pre-heated pan and cover.
  3. Check and flip, when satisfied, turn off the heat and serve hot. I love it with pepper sauce. The blog already has a post on How to make pepper sauce for storing.

How do you like your roasted plantain? with stew or pepper sauce?

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