'Don't ever come for me again': Blac Chyna's mom blasts Rob Kardashian for calling her a 'loose cannon'

Uneasy relationship: Blac Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni went on a long foul-mouthed rant on Instagram Monday after hearing Rob Kardashian call her 'a loose cannon'in reality show trailer

The first teaser trailer for E!'s Rob & Chyna Baby Special debuted Sunday and Blac Chyna's mom Tokyo Toni is livid.
In the clip, Rob Kardashian describes the grandmother of his new daughter Dream as a 'loose cannon' during a conversation with Scott Disick.
And on Monday his fiancee's 44-year-old mother took to Instagram to post a foul-mouthed rant against Rob and his reality TV family.

'A Lose Canon? Since I am the topic of y’all conversation to be demonized!! Really my n****? (sic),' she wrote.
'No your entire family are lose canons boy! Think about it! Don’t ever come for me again @
robkardashian to Scott a** or nobody else!'
The owner of On My Grind Entertainment went on: 'To be talked about like this for ratings!  WHERE THE F*** IS MY CHECK..... Now if you want drama I can bring it by the CANON LOAD!'

Shade room: The owner of On The Grind Entertainment used the 'n' word and the 'f' word as she said her piece and threatened 'if you want drama I can bring it by the canon load!' (sic)

In the baby special video, Scott alluded to problems between momager Kris and Chyna's mom during a conversation with Rob.
'Her mom’s just, like, a loose cannon,' the 29-year-old told Scott.
Then Chyna, 28, is seen speaking with her mom in the kitchen of her home and telling her that she sometimes be intimidating.
'I go off when it’s deserved. If you not acting accordingly, Imma handle you,' Tokyo Toni retorted.
The rammed up feud comes just two weeks after the birth of Rob and Chyna's baby and days after reports surfaced claiming Kris had said hurtful things to Tokyo Toni when they were both together at the hospital for the birth of their granddaughter

'After Dream was born, Kris said some really nasty things to Chyna‘s mom that really hurt her feelings,' a source close to the family told RadarOnline.
The birth was filmed for the upcoming E! special but Kris allegedly wasn't keen on having her fellow grandma too much in shot.
'Not only did Kris tell the crew to film Tokyo as little as possible, she also suggested that Tokyo Toni get her hair and make-up redone because it was not up to par with television standards!' the insider added.
So far neither Rob nor Chyna have publicly responded to the rant.