Crying newborn baby abandoned on doorstep with umbilical cord still attached

The family inside heard a newborn baby's cry, opened their door and behold a new born with umbilical cord still intact wrapped in a blanket and placed on the floor by the doorstep. The baby has just been born, still a few minutes old.

Onuma Moss, who lives in a neighbouring house, said: "It was about 8 o'clock at night and
somebody heard crying. 
"They found the little girl on the doorstep. The newborn was rushed to nearby Wachirakorn hospital and was taken into the care of the authorities, while the search continues for her mother.


  1. Enter your comment...I still can't imagine why mother abandon there babies. Well she is better than the one that dropped her baby close to a dustbin in Nigeria and the baby cried to death. God help us


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