At 31, I have decided to move out of my parents' house

Goodevening aunty Eya ,am an ardent reader of your blog please ma ,I really need your advice am a lady of 31years old , problem is that I have always experienced disappointment in relationships, no matter how nice and submissive I get all my relationships eventually end .I can't take this pain of promise and fail anymore .The problem now is that I have decided to move out of my parents to get my own personal Apartment, since I told my mother all hell as been let loose .at the moment
she's very upset at my father for giving me his blessings to move out .Aunty Eya I don't want to stay at my parents anymore the shame is just too much people keep asking me questions about when I intend to settle down .It's just frustrating


  1. If you were my daughter, I'll prefer you stay in my house until marriage. Men can move out like that without problems but here in NAIJA a single young lady living alone in the same city as her parents is urm......
    At 31 you still very young, don't be desperate and be yourself. If you look too desperate, begin to do all that submission and wife y duties in relationships, it might work against you. Be yourself, don't try to act who you really are not. Your own will find you. Haven't you seen ladies in their late 30s and 40s wedding?

  2. In my opinion, you can move out but not for the wrong reasons . Don't move out bcos ppl are talking, move out bcos you feel ok with it. Ppl will always talk o so you need to develop a thick skin abt negative comments. But if you were my sister, i'd beg you to stay with ur parents. Like aunt Eya said, you are still young and shdn't be pressured abt marriage. Develop a healthy self esteem and your own husband will find you. #noPressure

  3. Anonymous11/21/2016

    I will advice you humbly live with your parents, except a job takes you out of that town i think you ve no business moving out when your parents house is there and they ve not chased you away.I lived with my parents till i got married at 34, till today my father inlaw still commends me, that with my good job i still lived under my parents roof and that some girls would ve moved out.I never spent a night in any mans house untill i got married.I advise you just relax, make the best of this season cos once married there are certain things you will miss so just relax and keep praying, at GODs time he will all thigs beautiful in HIS time.

  4. Anonymous11/22/2016

    As a full grown 31 year old woman why would you continue to stay home? Poster I commend you and thank goodness your father gave his blessings. That means he belives in you and trusts that you will be fine. Sometimes striking out on your own will give you a sense of independence that you may need...right now the men maybe subliminally seing you as a little girl..not a woman...thats why they get turned off.
    Go without fear. You have the blessing of your father. Thats the most important!


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