8 month old baby thrown out of car during crash tumbles downhill, lands in a storm drain and is found unharmed (watch video)

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It's a miracle!The little girl is found inside this storm drain as firefighters flash lights and see her looking at them from below. 
Firefighters searching for the child along an Arkansas highway Friday made the discovery after coming upon the drain in the center of the median, Texarkana Fire Marshal Steven Johnson told The Huffington Post.
“They could see the baby, the 8-month-old, looking up at them” from between the drain’s bars, he said. “They just reached down into it and pulled her out.” 
It’s believed that after the child was thrown from the vehicle, she tumbled down a hill that led to the drain, Texarkana Fire Capt. Charlie Smith told KSLA. 
“She just has a couple scratches on her,” Johnson said. “She did not cry until she got

into the ambulance.”
Johnson credited Smith and fellow firefighter Josh Moore with finding the child, with the help of a good Samaritan at the scene. The station said Moore was visibly emotional as he spoke to reporters. 
“Up until we heard her, I was just worried about it being more of a recovery rather than a rescue, but once we heard her, it was just a sigh of relief,” he told the local TV station. 
Video below...