No meat vegetable gravy for Nigeria in recession

No meat vegetable sauce cooked with beef stock and knorr hearty beef powder. Very affordable, Tastes great, try it. I never wanted to post this recipe because the blog has so many sauces for rice already but sha, I'll just briefly write something.


  • 3 large carrots
  • 3 leaves cabbage
  • a handful young runner beans (green beans)
  • 2 large sized onion
  • 2 large tatashe (red bell pepper)
  • soya oil
  • 2 teaspoons curry powder
  • Knorr seasoning cubes
  • Stock
  • I sachet Knorr tasty beef powder for thickening and taste
  • water. I added water because the gravy was thicker than I wanted

Follow the cooking direction on this delicious vegetable gravy posted earlier.

First, I stir fried onion

Before adding the vegetables and knorr seasoning cubes

 Adding curry to the stock while vegetables are being stir fried

Stir fried vegetables are added to the pot of stock

Adding knorr hearty beef powder

The sauce is thicker than I want so, I have to add some more water/salt

Just added water to my taste

Boiled rice served with affordable delicious vegetable gravy.
Have a fun weekend!

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  1. You can use baking flour to thicken, if there's no knorr thickener. That means you add enough seasoning cubes o.


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