What to do about about Sharing Your WhatsApp Data With Facebook

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Please be noted that from now to Wednesday next week, you just have limited time to have that much needed privacy with friends and love ones, what am I saying here? Apparently, Facebook Admin has gone ahead to link Whatsapp and Facebook together, so any chat you make with  friends and love ones will appear on Facebook  for everyone to see. How to stop this? Open Your Whatsapp go to settings, click on account you will see share my account info. Unmark it. Do it now because you have limited time from now till next week Wednesday for the option to be there. Once it's Wednesday you won't have access to that again. 

Well, after the reading the information above, I went into my Whatsapp settings and what I
understand is that  Facebook and Whatsapp want to share your Whatsapp account information (data) with Facebook to improve your Facebook adverts and products experiences and to me that doesn't translate to sharing our chats on Facebook, NO, that's not what it means and I don't think that will put anyone at risk. However, if you do not want your Whatsapp data shared to improve your Facebook adverts and product experiences, just go to Whatsapp now and change the settings to "DON'T SHARE" before it's too late.

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  1. Thanks for sharing ma did mine last week through a broadcast message.


    1. I did mine today. Thanks too Gloria.

  2. Anonymous9/21/2016

    please how will i get to re set my blackberry

  3. Let me do mine now...tanks


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