Photos: Outraged mum slams celebrity-backed shampoo after it caused her nine-year-old daughter’s hair to completely FALL OUT

Eliana Lawrence's hair fell out after using a celebrity-endorsed shampoo, her mum has said

Dear mothers, these celebs are paid to do their job of bringing buyers. Some of them do not even use the products they advertise, it's paid ads. 
Read below via The Sun:
Eliana Lawrence was left completely bald just before turning ten after reportedly using Wen Cleansing Conditioner to wash her hair three times.
Terrified she had cancer, the little girl begged her mum for a wig as a present for her tenth birthday and she was bullied so much she had to be home-schooled.
Two years later and only some of Eliana’s hair has grown back, covering roughly 70 per cent of her scalp.
After more than 20,000 similar complaints were made, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a safety warning for Wen products.
See her below with photos showing her hair before the use of that hair product and after:

And the pair have now become the face of a campaign to have the product recalled
Miriam said: “The last two years were heart-breaking.
“We didn’t know if she would ever regrow her hair again and whether she will make a full recovery is not certain, she still has significant bald spots.
“Thankfully Eliana is doing much better, and she’s back at school now.”
Eliana started using Wen Cleansing Conditioner, given to her by her grandma and endorsed by Brooke Shields, in 2014.
After using the hair conditioner:
Tragic images show how the 11-year-old lost most of her hair after she turned ten

“It boasted of all natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals.”
Two days after the first wash and Miriam was puzzled to find chunks of her daughter’s hair falling out.
She said: “When she came home from school I immediately noticed she had loose hair all over her clothes and her hair was matted.
“I never saw her hair in this condition before. At swimming Eliana left a trail of hair behind her all over the pool.
“In the locker room shower, I combed out what appeared to be a third of Eliana’s beautiful strawberry blonde hair.
“She was terrified at the sight of all that hair and asked me seriously if she had cancer. The next time I used Wen to cleanse her hair, her hair fell out in chunks in my hands.”
But she lost such an vast amount of her red hair that the youngster was left almost bald
The problems began for the youngster after she started using Wen Cleansing Conditioner
Alarmed by her daughter’s hair loss, Miriam took her to medics.
Miriam said: “I still didn’t connect the hair loss to the product. We feared she might have a serious medical problem.
“The last time we used Wen nearly all of her remaining hair literally slipped off her head instantly on contact with the product.
“She was left essentially bald. It became obvious what caused the hair loss, but it was too late.
“She lost every hair on her body; even her eyebrows and eyelashes.”
For her tenth birthday Eliana begged her mum to buy her a wig to cover her bald head but became victim to bullies at school.
The teasing become so bad that her mum pulled her out of school the following year to home-school her instead.
In 2015 Miriam learned of a class action lawsuit against the makers of Wen – more than 200 people were suing the company.
Now she is championing the proposed Personal Care and Cosmetic Safety bill that will give industry regulates more authority.
Miriam said: “I realised Eliana was not alone. That night I read several similar stories on the internet from former users of this product and I would find thousands more.
Misleading ads are a problem to this planet oh. I haven't seen that product in Nigeria, has anyone seen or used it?


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