Each time I see divorced women or those coming out from a broken relationship live carelessly all in a bid to prove a point to their ex, I shake my head because the end of such women isn't always praiseworthy.
When that relationship ends and all you can think of is get involved with frustrated and nasty women, instead of decent and godly ladies who will help you out of the pit you suddenly found yourself in, you are on your way to a bigger frustration. Don't get carried away by their social life, a good number of them weep in their closet. I know it hurts; yes, it hurts very bad. I know how you feel because I have been there. I know the punches are coming from left, right, and center. I know you must fight back. Yeah, I know all that.

But my dearest, jumping from one party or night club to the other, stealing (if possible) and borrowing to wear that aso-ebi (uniform for social event), shamelessly giving your body to your spouse's best friends, taking pictures with celebrities and moving around with them isn't the best thing to do. You are actually hurting yourself and destroying your future thinking you are hurting the man; he cares less. You are only confirming what the society has said about you.
When a relationship comes to an end, it should be, first, a time for sober reflection. Try to find out what actually happened and if and where you did wrong. Forgive yourself and forgive your partner. Then shut your ears from those background noises. Close your eyes to the distractions. Refuse to be picked by others because you are vulnerable; choose your friends wisely. Surround yourself with people of vision who will push you into becoming that which you were created to be. Set goals for yourself and make a vow to succeed by God's grace. Ignore those social functions and high society events; that's not what you need now, it's a lot of mess up there. Get yourself together, discover purpose and start living it. By the time you get to the top, that same high-society women and men will naturally surround you.
Don't struggle to be there. Don't hate men; there are many good men out there. Be you. See you at the top because that's where you belong and by the time you get there, that point you want to prove becomes very obvious without destroying you.
Don't forget; you need God's presence more than anything else. You need to have a very strong bond with the Holy Spirit.