Do you believe Michelle Obama's Dramatic weight gain is from stress OR a symptom of menopause?

Michelle Obama

First lady Michelle Obama is so stressed out that she is packing on the weight. According to the National Enquirer Mrs. Obama has gained a shocking 95 pounds over the past few months.
National Enquirer — Michelle has gone on a wild food binge and packed on a massive 95 pounds — triggering a shocking marriage crisis! The new issue of The
National ENQUIRER — on newsstands now — has the shocking inside story on the First Lady’s two-fisted food rampages!
Do you believe Michelle Obama is gaining weight from stress or is her weight gain a symptom of menopause? Could it be a result of stress from her teenage daughter's partying and smoking last month?


  1. Anonymous9/03/2016

    I can't believe you just posted this article that body Shaming this woman

    1. No na, why would I body shame her? Me, am I lepa? No am not.

    2. Anonymous9/05/2016

      Is it body shaining when a womnan (or a Trans if you believe Joan Rivers and basic anatomy) tells the whole world how to eat, making laws depriving children of their favorites, and generally being very obnoxious while eating like a stuffed pig herself? She is far fatter thant the kids who used to drink too much soda and eat too many chips. Probably tripple the weight gain of the worst offender. If that is not fair game, what is???????


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