After 5 Years, I just discovered we are both AS genotype; Am Praying for a miracle...

Gud evening
 I came across your blog
 ‬Just dat am having emotional problem
 ‬I get to knwo that my fiancee has same genotype with me
 ‬AS andAS
 ‬As it stands now his own family are aware and they're not in support of it anymore.
 ‬And this is a guy that so much luv me, we luv each other so much and've plans for our future
 ‬I even took d risk of getting pregnant and thought everything will change but I was surprised when his brothers were against it and asked me to go for an abortionšŸ˜¢

He was d guy that deflowered me last year at the age of 27
 ‬I met him in 2011
 ‬Don't just no wat to do, where to start from.
 Am just praying for a miracle
 ‬He has come for the first introduction six months ago
 And we're supposed to have our traditional marriage  this December
 ‬And we just found out two months ago.


  1. Hmmmm...I'm so sorry Poster but I don't know what to advice you at this point. As + As very often begets the sickle cell child and try as I might to make you see reason, I really don't know what to say. I just feel you should commit it all to God. Hopefully, everything works out well at the end of the day.
    However, the first thing two people in a relationship should check for is the genotype thingy.
    Now that you're pregnant, don't abort the child.

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  2. You can check if the baby have ss when it still in the womb and if you have much cash you can do stem transplant when the baby is born or even if it's ss in the womb have faith in your prayers for it to change to as, or the baby can also be as because you have the chances of giving birth to as, aa.goodluck


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