21 Year Old girl commits suicide after video of her masturbating with big Fanta bottle leaks

The video had been uploaded online without her knowledge or permission. A 21 year old girl whose video of her masturbating with a big sized Fanta bottle went viral has reportedly committed suicide because she couldn't cope with her new online 'fame.'
According to the deceased's boyfriend, the girl (name withheld) was shocked to learn that the video had gone viral on Facebook after one of her friends alerted her to search a certain Facebook group where the video was being circulated.

”She called me in the wee hours of Wednesday and I could feel that she was emotionally charged as I also knew that she was someone who was not talkative”, said her friend,who only identified herself as Zodwa.

According to further investigations, Livemonitor reports that said she recorded herself masturbating

with a Fanta bottle and she was doing it for fun.

All hell however broke loose when she thought she was sending the video via WhatsApp to her loyal friend who has the identical name with her ex-boyfriend only for her to later discover that she had mistakenly sent the controversial video to her ex-boyfriend, who quickly posted the video on Facebook.

The ex-boyfriend who is suspected to have leaked the controversial 4 minute video is said to be on the run since the relatives of the deceased are baying for his blood.

Efforts to get a comment from the deceased’s parents were fruitless as they flatly denied commenting on the saga, citing that they are still mourning their loved one