Woman dumped by wealthy husband after she lost her breast to cancer storms venue of his wedding to younger woman

On Saturday, August 20, a wealthy elderly real estate manager John Njuguna Ng’ang’a and his young new wife Anne Wairimu were celebrating their wedding at her Ruiru home when the man's first wife Jane Njeri Njuguna, armed with a court injunction, stormed the scene accompanied by the Officer Commanding Ruiru Police Station. (Pictured: John at Ruiru Police Station. Inset: Jane Njeri and John during their wedding)

While the two women engaged in a scuffle, the old man was whisked off to Ruiru Police Station where he spent the night. According to Njeri, her husband opted for a second wife because one of her breasts was surgically removed due to cancer and that at one time, he even insulted her that she no longer has anything special for him.

"He has a right to marry even 10 wives, but what I want is the property I acquired with him. It is painful to see another woman enjoying my sweat after I have endured a lot of ridicule," said Njeri

Another relative who declined to be named said, "We were shocked and ashamed when our mum revealed how Njuguna insulted her that she is useless now that she has nothing on her chest for enjoyment."

Njuguna refused to speak to Sahara Tribune at the police station, instead he just laughed off the matter. Njeri claims she was shocked to learn that Njuguna had found a younger woman to marry just days to the secret wedding, forcing her to seek intervention from the courts.

"When the order was delivered at the woman’s house where the wedding was supposed to be held, he was not around, but he later signed it," a close relative told The Nairobian. "We thought he would obey the order, only for word to reach us that the wedding was going on. Luckily, we arrived in time and saved the situation."

Njeri, a mother of six, says she met Njuguna in college in Machakos and that their love blossomed in Kakamega where he was posted as a clinical officer and where she worked briefly as a nurse. The two tied the knot at a church wedding in Thika following her transfer from Kakamega.

"I decided to quit the government after we got married. We opened our own clinic to allow us to settle down and raise a family like anyone else,"

With money rolling in, the couple lived on the fast lane, raising their children and investing in plots and other businesses until misfortune struck in 2004.

"I realised I had a lump in my right breast and upon further investigation, it was confirmed that I had breast cancer,” Njeri said, adding that she opted for a mastectomy to save her life.

Njuguna was initially supportive, Njeri admitted and when he was attacked by thugs who seriously injured his limbs and left him confined to wheelchair for three years, she took care of him until he healed. Things started falling apart when in 2012, Njuguna teamed up with a close relative who works in real estate and deals in houses of high-profile figures in government and with time rose to the position of a manager of the company.

"Around 2013 and 2014, he started changing and would even step away from me whenever he received a phone call. Things moved from bad to worse when, in August 2015, he came home and found me in bed. I remember he insulted me about my body and kicked me out of the house saying his home was not a hospital ward and I ought to find one," said Njeri.

Fearing for her life, Njeri says she left for her parents’ home where she opened a small business to sustain her life before Njuguna’s brother intervened and brought her back home.

"I returned to my matrimonial home briefly but fled when he arrived in a foul mood and attempted to attack me,” she claimed.
 Source: saharatribune.com