Okro soup for dinner. Enjoy!

Fisherman okro soup on fleek!This okro soup smells and exudes nutrition. So obvious. Also by soup a market. She has it on her finger tips. You can always add or subtract sha.

To cook okro soup looking this fresh, you don't add everything to one pot. Wash, salt and cook your shrimps (without water) in a separate pot. Boil fish with just salt and onion in a separate pot. Now, cook the okro soup with all other ingredients, crayfish, salt, knorr seasoning cubes, pepper, okra, periwinkle, drops of palm oil, water, all ingredients come in here and the fish stock too. When you taste, and soup is great, almost ready, that's when you bring in the cooked shrimps and fish without crumbling the fish (no stirring), Turn off the heat and enjoy.


  • Fresh fish
  • Okra
  • king prawns
  • Crayfish
  • Periwinkles
  • Salt
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Onion to boil fish
  • Pepper
  • Dry catfish (optional)
  • Palm oil
  •  Water

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  1. Innocent8/30/2016

    Cheiiiiiiii! !!!! See how my mouth waters

  2. Hellen8/30/2016

    Hmmmmmm na die I dey oooo, abeg make did okra soup come oooo

  3. If any one makes this type of food now believe me EFCC will come after him of her. You see it will be batter to manage the crayfish and pompom please.

  4. Anonymous8/30/2016

    there's no chance I'll forgive whoever did this

  5. Anonymous8/30/2016

    Oh aunty Eya but yyyyyyyyy?D salivation is something else!

  6. The fish used here is salmon but, we can still use croaker or mackerel/titus.

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