Mum caught in "the act" by her 9 year old is forced into embarrassing s** talk with him

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She blames the thin walls between her bedroom and her son's for that embarrassment. she wrote a hilarious version of the events on Facebook , with the post receiving more than 1,600 likes.
She wrote: "For a while we've been going back and fourth over who was going to have the sex talk with our oldest son. I didn't want to.
"I figured he is my first child and I had no idea what an appropriate age would be. So I left it. This morning I wish we had that talk long before... She then described to her more than 50,000 followers how she and her partner had had unfulfilling sex and that her son must have heard things that 'weren't exactly nice.'
And she continued: "Well all [my son] said was "could you possibly keep it down when you have sex?" To which I replied "Sure buddy, I'm sorry" wishing it was appropriate to say "I'll go neck
myself over here.""
But despite the 'traumatising' incident, her post has received dozens of positive comments - with many other mums describing their own embarrassing 'caught in the act' stories.