Happy Sunday. "Please, permit me share this true life experience shared by one of my friends. May the Lord continue to help us and let's also continue to look out for one another.
Here goes his account:

"Good morning everyone... I want to narrate my ugly experience to serve as a lesson for all. Please take time and read.
   Sometime November 2015 at UNIPORT I met my childhood friend whom we went to secondary school together and never saw each other again not until we saw at UNIPORT. You know nah long time friend, we started exchanging pleasantries. He told me that he stays at Aluu with his wife and I told him I just moved in around Rumuigbo "NTA/Apara Link Road". We exchanged contact and he said of visiting me someday and we went our ways. Around February 2016 he called me asking for assistance that his wife gave birth but still in the hospital not yet discharged, I now said he should come to the house, which he did (he drove a car and packed somewhere
with somebody in the car which I don’t know). I gave him some money and he left.

I was moved to EGINA Project, after my working trip to Bulgaria which I returned back on 26th June 2016. On 28th I was relaxing with my family in the living room during evening hours, a strange number called me, at 1st I didn’t pick, 2nd time I didn’t pick, the 3rd time I decided to pick up. I heard a strange deep voice introducing himself as “GENERAL CAPON”. I asked for his identity which he refused to properly disclose. I ended the call and he kept severally, which I never picked up again. He now sent me threatening SMSs requesting for 200k and threatening that if I moo-moo I’ll die. I ignored those messages and switched off my phone. I believe they kept trying my line but off.

Then until 10th July 2016, which is on Sunday evening, I and my wife went out for a treat and on our return around 21:30 I saw a brown and unaddressed envelope in my room, and on enquiry who dropped it, our house-help said a guy brought it that he said his name was Justice and that she should give the envelope to her boss. On opening the envelope I saw a small note threatening that they give me 3 days to pay the requested money or I... Inside the envelope was also a live AK47 bullet. That was my first time of seeing a bullet live, On Monday morning 11th I moved to police HQ Moscow road and officially wrote an application to the commissioner of police with the inclusion of the exhibits. When he saw those items he immediately minuted and signed on the application directing it to the SARS team. He quickly called the SARS commander to see him immediately, which in less than 20mins the commander was there and he handed over the application to him and they swung into action by tracking the number they used in calling. They discovered the calls were coming from Aluu Umuaku area. I also wrote an application to the SSS to aid in the operation.

But at this point I never remembered that guy at Aluu at all cos it’s being a while I saw him. I was busy suspecting the few people which I knew knows my place. And they kept calling and threatening. We now requested for their account number so we can pay in 100k while I look for the remaining 100k. This guy with his gang now called his brother in Awka that they need Fidelity Bank number for a transaction, which he doesn’t have. His brother in Awka now remembered his friend from Edo that has Fidelity account. The guy innocently sent his account which they eventually sent to me. With the help of SARS, court and the bank, the account was blocked, which will make it impossible to operate the account either with ATM, online banking, going to the bank to withdraw is tantamount to arrest. I paid in 100k into the account on Wednesday “the supposed expiry 3days ultimatum”. I informed them of the payment. On Thursday there was attempt to withdraw from the account with ATM but no way. They called that evening to enquire what happened that they could not withdraw with ATM. I said I don’t know nah. They now called his brother at Awka threatening that he has cornered their money. This one at Awka now decided to call the real owner of the account at Edo to this time go find out from the bank. And on getting to the counter and presenting his account number, before he knows what’s happening he was arrested. The SARS in PH was called which I sponsored their movement and they went to bring him to PH. I don’t know him. The guy at Awka kept calling him he was traced and arrested.  I also sponsored the trip to Awka and he was brought to PH. On the 15th July, the SSS called and asked if I know the name “ABILITY”. MY brethren that’s when I recalled that he was the guy that stays at Aluu whom I once invited to my place as old time schoolmates. SSS went further to trace his full name and gave it to me that I should confirm his face on Facebook. As I checked Lo and Behold, he was the one threatening to kill me cos of 200k.
Making it short, SSS tracked and arrested him but his other team couldn’t be tracked cos his line has been off. The 2 guys arrested in Edo and Awka will be released as they’ve proven to know nothing of the transaction after questioning. He’ll soon be charged to court by the SSS.

The other guy on the run will hopefully be caught cos we learnt he’s a student of PTI and presently on I.T. I’ve contacted my boss there and he’ll be checked on resumption.

I immediately packed out of that apartment for our safety.

Don’t bring an old friend to your place whom you don’t know his/her present status in life
Don’t host parties e.g. child dedication, birthday, occasions in your residential apartment. You can only invite your trusted colleagues and friends.
Give your house help/security man necessary heads-up.

I’ve learnt my glessons and I hope you all do too.


  1. Anonymous8/07/2016

    Weakening experience

  2. Wow! What a horrible experience, I'm so glad he was able to find out who it was! This life!


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