Hi Mrs Eya. I stumbled on your blog while checking for chicken pepper soup recipe ... I've been on it for hours! Lol .. I must confess it feels like family. I have something to share.  
  Before my boyfriend and I started dating , there was this number that keeps calling .. he saved it as toscana babe... I asked him who she was and he told me of how they met at the club , exchanged numbers and she's been calling ever since. 
He tried to prove there was nothing and took me to the club , he even introduced her to me( after we started dating) and yes I believed.  Until recently I see messages from this girl saying he misses him but he doesn't care about her .she was asking why
he's still keeping her?  Is it the sex? And he replies saying no it's not the sex and he misses her too and other crappy things...

The annoying part is he reassures me there's no one else . He claims he loves me and all.

My question is : why does he still keep up with her? Is he cheating on me? I'm worried,  confused and sad
. Please respond: (


  1. Anonymous7/19/2016

    Do u still need a prophet to tell you he's cheating with all the proofs you've got? I'm yet to find one man that is faithful.

    1. Anonymous7/19/2016

      Are u seriously looking for a faithful man? Sure you're looking at the wrong places... I pray the Holy Spirit will open ya eyes to see clearly - provided you're faithful yourself.

    2. Anonymous7/19/2016

      Please, my husband is faithful! There are God-fearing men who do not reason with their penises and who believe that God actually put the man as the head of the home to guard against the wiles of the enemy! Do not fool yourselves!

  2. Johnson7/19/2016

    Poster, welcome to WIVES connection...
    Your boyfriend is having fun and possibly just adding you to the number of babes he has swept off their feet!
    Do boyfriends cheat on their girlfriends? As long as there's no commitment, I don't think the issue of cheat should arise. Cheating should only be a problem when you are either in a courtship or married. As far as I can see from your post, you & this guy are only dating and there's no worries as long as your legs are crossed & his zipper up!

  3. Anonymous7/19/2016

    Something like edible catering.

  4. New Momm7/19/2016

    The only reason a boyfriend will not cheat on you is HE HAS PLANS TO MARRY YOU else you are just another sample.

  5. Anonymous7/19/2016

    Na wa. Sample ke? Because u have bad luck in relationships shouldn't mean that all men are bad. Please poster this man is not for u. Let him be.u will find someone who will love you, respect you and be faithful to you but not this 1. There r good men out there


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