A couple had a misunderstanding and as a result drove in separate cars to church. When they got to church, they sat down together smiling, as people complimented them but, all they did was  put up a face so people do not get to know that they are at 'war' with each other. At the end of the service, the husband drove home while the wife waited to attend the women's meeting. The husband was home already, when he checked his phone, his wife had called him thrice. He disregarded calling her back out of malice. The wife drove in some forty minutes later. He saw Usman opening the gate for her as his phone went on ringing. He checked it. It was his wife. She was in her car at the garage already.

"What is she calling me for? Foolish and stubborn wife!" He said and ignored her calls. The call went
on for a while. He ignored it as he sat with the TV.Thirty minutes later, she did not come in. Something told him to go and check. Is she still in the car? Yes she must be there. He called Usman, Is madam in the car? Few minutes later, Usman rushed in. Madam dey sleep inside the car o. That was when he woke up and rushed downstairs. Asthma! She was Asthmatic! Could she be having her usual attack? Could she have forgotten her inhaler?He quickly took the inhaler and rushed downstairs. When he got there, she was almost breathless. Usman and husband quickly carried her to the back seat and off, he sped like a bat out of hell, to a clinic nearby. Madam was confirmed dead! If he had picked her call early enough, probably she could have been saved. When you leave domestic disagreement to fester for too long, it leads to greater evil. The Husband is weeping mad, blaming himself..."I killed my wife!"


  1. Do not let sun go down! Make peace before leaving the house, make peace before going to bed. Make peace as quick as possible. Prevention is always better than cure.

  2. Anonymous7/14/2016

    Thanks Aunty. You're the best.

  3. Anonymous7/15/2016

    I know my husband will do the same, but I pray for God's help

  4. Anonymous7/15/2016

    I know my husband will do the same, but I pray for God's help


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