Kids are insatiable, they are just being kids and will want to have everything beautiful if they could. Never be deceived into thinking that you can give children everything they want. YOU CAN'T. They want the shoe their friend is wearing, they want the bag other kids at the birthday party are wearing, they want they type of sneakers a girl at church is wearing. They also know how to make parents feel inadequate and guilty. 
Don't allow any child  or anyone to make you feel that way. It may be their opinion, that you are too strict, too protective and all but it doesn't make it true.

You are the responsible one.  Firmness, correction, discipline is not easy especially in these days, but it is needed!

I told my children that I wasn't here to be their friend only, that I am their support system, their care taker, their parent. I am the one that will supply your needs, and sometimes your wants, the one that will show you the right way and give guidance for profitable living. When you are in your  twenties and early thirties? We will be pals! We will be friends!

You are the parent. You are not the 'money grows on trees' nonstop supply line. That hardly qualifies as the bad guy. Being a tough parent doesn't make you a bad person, it helps groom your children for future reality. You will not always be here with them, they will not always get their supplies from you but what you teach them, will always guide their decisions in life.


  1. You have made good points. We should teach our children contentment.


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