A friend of mine returning to South Africa from a long stay in Europe, found herself with some time to spare at London's Heathrow Airport. Buying a cup of coffee and a small package of cookies, she staggered laden with luggage to an unoccupied table. She was reading the morning paper when she became aware of someone rustling at her table. From behind her paper she was flabbergasted to see a neatly dressed young man helping himself to her cookies. She did not want  to make a scene so she leaned across and took a cookie herself. A minute or so passed. More hustling. He was helping himself to another cookie.

By the time they were down to the last cookie in the package, she was very angry but could still not bring herself to say anything. Then the young man broke the remaining cookie in two, pushed half
across to her, ate the other half and left. Sometime later when the public address system called for her to present her ticket, She was still fuming. Imagine her embarrassment when she opened her handbag, and was confronted by her package of cookies. She had been eating his.
Dan P. Greyling.


  1. Lol....vry funny but i have learnt something from it.

  2. Funny, but isn't this the way life is? Many times people make demands on you and get mad at you if you are only able to do as much as you can. One must learn to be cool and not stressed when you are doing your best for others according to your own judgment. Be yourself and do as much as you can for others. They may be mad at you for not obeying them but they will realize later that you did your best.


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