(photos) Newlywed shares forlorn pictures of herself holidaying alone after her husband was denied a visa for their dream honeymoon

Tradegy: Huma Mobin (above) was supposed to go on a second honeymoon with her husband Arsalaan Sever Bhatt but his visa didn't come through in time

A newly wed and her husband planned to enjoy their honeymoon in Greece but she goes alone as  her new spouse is denied visa.
Huma Mobin and her new husband Arsalaan Sever Bhatt, from Lahore, were scheduled to go on a second honeymoon to Greece last month with Mr Bhatt's parents.
But Ms Mobin's husband didn't get a visa in time for the trip. 

Going abroad: The couple had planned to travel to Greece with Mr Bhatt's parents for the 10 day trip

Partners in crime: Her parents-in-law took the photos for her so she could send them back to Mr Bhatt

Touching: Soon after posting the photos to Facebook they went viral with thousands of people liking and sharing them

Soon after posting the hone-moon-less photos on Facebook, they went viral with thousands of people Liking the.

Source: DailyMail