Sarah Panteli at 15st 2lbs after having son George

Following the birth of her son Henry, Sarah Panteli, 27, ballooned to a size 20 as she binged on an unhealthy 4,000-calories-a-day diet, she binged on chocolate biscuits, fast food, sweets and curries.

The 5ft 3in mum's confidence hit rock bottom when her weight rose to 15st 2lbs - despite 29-year-old husband George Panteli telling her how beautiful she was.
Full time mum Sarah's self esteem was so low she would push her partner of nine years away if she tried to snuggle up - and wouldn't even get changed for bed in front of him.
But seeing other mums' 'perfect bodies' prompted Sarah to start eating healthily and she has dropped 5st 5lbs in six months to weigh 9st 12lbs.
"I made excuses for myself and told myself it was because I had just had a baby and when I was snacking on hobnobs I'd tell myself it was okay because the oats help with breastfeeding .
"But then seeing all these mums at mummy group with perfect bodies was a real wake-up
call. Henry was almost nine months old and I could not keep making excuses.
Sarah Panteli three quarters of the way through her weight loss journey with husband George
"I started eating healthy and bought all the Slimming World recipe books so I could cook great food at home for myself and my family. "I take loads of selfies and can go out and buy whatever I want. I even come out and show George what I'm trying on which I never would have done before - and I've just bought my first ever bikini."
Sarah said her weight was also affecting her health as she was suffering aches and pains in her joints and felt herself getting tired very quickly when playing with Henry.
Her decision to swap fast food and ready meals for healthy home cooking has also benefited George, a chef, who used to feel so lethargic the couple worried he might be anaemic.
But by adapting the whole family's diet, Sarah feels she is finally being a good influence on Henry - who now loves fruit and vegetables.

Source: MirrorUK


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